Why H​​​ire A Consultant?

There are many reasons companies hire consultants today. Consulting has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry with a very strong presence in domestic as well as global companies. In the last few years, the outsourced HR industry has grown to an estimated $165 billion annually, as nearly 85 percent of firms now outsource at least some of their HR functions for the added value and cost savings that outsourcing can bring to an organization.

Labor and Employment litigation continues to surge, fueled by new plaintiffs, their attorneys, unfair or unsafe labor practices, unscrupulous employers, employers who are often unaware of employment and labor regulations and their own responsibilities, new legislation and increasing regulatory oversight, as well as increasing employee, civil and disability advocacy groups, and finally, because of the ease and relative speed of
filing a regulatory agency claim online.

Employment law, more than any other area of law, is rapidly changing.  What is lawful today, may not be so tomorrow. Employers must be vigilantly on guard and prepared to modify employment policies, procedures, and agreements as their legality comes under new and increasing scrutiny. 

Today's generation of workers are far more savvy, far more aware of their workplace rights, and employer's responsibilities, than any previous generation, and are far more likely to sue their employer, or potential employer, than any previous generation.

Employment litigation is a serious, rising threat to employers, and employers simply cannot afford to be unprepared, unprotected or vulnerable in this litigious climate. 

HR Advisory Group Ltd can assist with our organizational assessment to evaluate your risk, with the implementation of strategic workplace planning, applicable policies, procedures, protocols, best practices, fair and objective workplace investigations, training and guidance to help you effectively and significantly reduce and minimize your company's risk.
Some of the most common reasons companies hire consultants are:

  • Consultants are experts in their field. Expertise and knowledge are the two main reasons organizations hire consultants. Therefore they can perform the required task more quickly and efficiently because their focus is the subject matter every day and have become highly proficient in certain key areas. The end result is an overall savings in time and money and with better results than if performed in house.

  • Consultants are independent. Consultants work as independent contractors, not employees. The implications are clear. Consultants work closely with their clients but do not require supervision as employees do. There is no risky termination, no unemployment issues, no layoff, no severance pay. Consultants often do develop long term relationships with clients but only when both parties desire that long term committment.

  • Consultants are objective. Consultants bring a fresh point of view to an organization, and are unafraid to tell the unvarnished truth. Sometimes only an external consultant can clearly see a fragmented organizational system and dysfunctional management behaviors that disable a company. Consultants maintain a critical eye toward measurement, analysis and improvement.

  • Consultants have knowledge and experience in best practices across industries and functions. ​We have the rare privilege of serving multiple clients in the same industry who may be facing similar issues. This enables us to recognize common attributes of effective solutions and apply lessons learned in applicable situations.

  • Consultants have dedicated time. Time may be a precious element among an organizations's existing staff and in short supply. An employee, unlike a Consultant, may be assigned to a special project but later removed due to conflicting priorities. An external Consultant can focus on the project full time through to its completion.

  • Consultants are cost effective. Hiring a Consultant is usually more cost advantageous than hiring an employee to perform the same task or project. Using a Consultant is a more cost effective alternative for organizations that need a quick and efficient business solution or periodic project, training, auditing, intervention or investigation.

We enable business owners to cost-effectively manage their human resources, recruitment, business and regulatory compliance services. 

We help small, mid sized and large organizations and Covered Entities maintain compliance in the rapidly changing world of employment legislation, and assist them in increasing productivity and profitability by providing comprehensive, "on demand" human resource management and regulatory compliance solutions so that they may focus on their core business objectives and goals. We are experts at delivering quality work product and projects on time and on budget.
​For more information about our consulting services or to book a consultation, please call (214) 538-9798 or fill out our secure form provided with your request. Your information is always kept confidential.