We offer Contingency Recruitment as well as Retained Executive Search options. One of the major differences between us and other search or staffing firms is our Professional Code of Ethics, our Consultative Approach, our comprehensive multi-step process as well as the fact that we have deep, connected relationships in the industries that we specialize in and because of these relationships; we do far more than fill positions. We don’t depend solely on job boards, but we are very connected in various communities, organizations and professional trade associations to build a diverse network of relationships and partners. We seek both active and passive candidates through a variety of networks. Our deep searches help target the large number of candidates that are not reached by traditional recruitment methods.

We care about the right fit and the right connections that will drive your business to new levels of success. Those relationships and connections are the core of our business and are very important to our success and reputation, as well as yours. ​

  • Executive Management
  • Medical/Healthcare/Life Science
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Accounting
  • Mortgage and Real Estate
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Safety
  • Manufacturing
  • ​Retail
  • Transportation​
  • ​Telecommunications

Some unique benefits to using a search firm:
  • We are in the unique position of having the ability to privately and discreetly recruit the most coveted, passive candidates from competing organizations;

  • We are able to give the search our complete focus, time and attention to fill critical positions;

  • We have an inside track with each candidate, candidates are more apt to be forthright with an external party, offering several strategic advantages;

  • We can save the employer time by communicating the candidate’s human characteristics and personality prior to the employer interview.

While our process is proven, we are quickly able to adjust to a client’s preferred process of hiring key talent for their organization. In the business world, we understand that every company has a unique culture, competitive strategy, and unique hiring philosophy. We are skilled in adjusting to each client’s expectations and needs.​​​

Once we have the information we need to perform an effective search, we begin identifying and recruiting leaders and high achievers. We interview and assess for cultural fit, key competencies, traits, motivation, leadership, EI, innovation, experiences, and accomplishments; we delve deeply to accurately determine our candidate's needs, desires, and expectations.

We seek to understand our candidate's ideal career path, which helps make better hiring and placement recommendations for our clients and ensures greater job satisfaction for our candidates, resulting in greater retention for our clients. We use a combination of the latest interviewing, assessment techniques, and methodologies.  
The world of work and the job market has changed and changed dramatically. HR is no longer a purely administrative function; but is moving to the C-Suite requiring HR to become much more strategic in their activities, leaving much less time available for the hiring process to be performed as diligently as it should. 

Today's internal recruitment and HR teams with multiple job listings
are buried in resume review. It is not uncommon for employers to receive hundreds of resume's, and applications or more for each job listing.
The process of posting jobs, reviewing and screening applications and resume's, qualifying skill sets, meeting with hiring managers, setting up phone screens, video interviews, multi-step in-person interviews, conducting employment and pre-employment assessments, screening candidates, making travel arrangements, extending offers, managing the acceptance of an offer and all that entails, and finally the onboarding your new employee, are all extremely time consuming. The sheer magnitude of these tasks and projects combined with the volume of applicants, make it nearly impossible for an internal HR or recruitment department to perform the tasks successfully on their own, without additional support. 

Recruitment staff is so busy screening the active applicant pool, which is largely unqualified, they rarely have time to adequately tap into the most qualified, and hidden job candidates; those passive candidates who are not actively seeking another position. These passive candidate are the most desirable candidates in the vast majority of cases. The best of the best
are too busy achieving and succeeding in their current careers, for their current companies, to spend any time on job boards seeking other or greater opportunities. It takes a great deal of time to successfully recruit and court those exceptional candidates. A third party recruitment firm
can be a very valuable, indispensable asset and essential partner in these cases, as we have the time, resources, and the expansive network required to dedicate to an effective and quality search. 

With clients ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises we understand the increasing and urgent need for attracting and retaining the most talented professionals in today's workplace.     

Our goal is to help you maintain your competitive advantage by cost-effectively delivering highly skilled professionals how and when you need them most. Understanding your goals is the first step in achieving them. We strive to understand your business, culture, and needs and can offer expert help in assisting you to achieve your long range goals and strategic talent management.

With offices in Dallas, Texas, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Norfolk, Virginia we have an extensive network, we also recruit remotely in all fifty states, as well as internationally, with the help of our vast global network.
We offer several custom tailored search options, customized for your unique needs or budget. Contact us for details

We have the experience, knowledge, network, resources, and integrity
to conduct top tier global, executive, professional, and diversity searches.    
We can also assist with job analysis, job evaluations and job descriptions and organizing or training your internal recruitment department.

Properly constructed job descriptions can help ensure compliance with ADA and FLSA requirements, set company expectations and provide clear guidelines for employees regarding their duties and responsibilities and provide a valuable instrument upon which to measure employee performance and may provide an important legal defense tool for the
We guarantee every placement. We are so confident in our ability
to find the right candidates for you that we guarantee a replacement if candidate terms within first 90 days. Ask about our 90 day liberal guarantee; certain conditions apply.​

To request our recruitment brochure, or if you need a position requisition, or more information, call us at (214) 538-9798, or fill out our secure form provided with your request.
Your information is always kept confidential.
"The most important decisions that business people make are not what decisions, but who decisions” ~Jim Collins, author of Good to Great:Why Some Companies Make The Leap..and Others Don't