Executive Search

​​Our comprehensive recruitment and assessment strategies are specifically designed to ensure the best possible fit for your organization and culture. We use a variety of the latest methodologies and technologies, in-depth assessment processes, combined with our expansive network of local, regional, national, and global connections through our vast resources among our community and organizational partnerships and memberships, that helps ensure the best possible fit for all parties.

Understanding your goals is the first foundational and critical step in achieving them. Our team of expert professionals strives to understand your business, industry, needs, and markets for our joint success. Our approach is different because it is rooting in our consulting history. Through our comprehensive and sophisticated process and deep rooted connections, we have the ability to locate, identify, engage, assess, and select the very best talent for your organization.

We can serve as your exclusive recruitment and hiring department or as an extension of your internal, strategic talent acquisition initiatives. We also offer a variety of customized recruitment options.

Our professional team of Talent Acquisition Consultants is comprised
of industry experts. Passionate, creative, extremely driven individuals, committed to our joint success and to performing their duties with diligence and excellence in every step of the process. You can be assured of timely feedback and expert counsel throughout the process. Our consultants are
all degreed, experienced professionals, all highly regarded experts in their industries and by their peers, each with a minimum of 20 years of professional experience; some have professional certifications, as well as advanced degrees in business, healthcare, human resources, organizational psychology, organizational dynamics, and law.

We apply the same selection process and selection methods towards the growth and development of our own team, as we do in yours. Cultural alignment is paramount to our success, and only those exceptional individuals that possess the same discerning standards, the passion to serve our clients with a total commitment to excellence and integrity, and that can deliver exceptional results, are welcomed into our firm.

We are also selective in the companies that we represent, for that is a critical component in our ability to recruit today's best and scarce talent.  

We are experts at matching today's top talent with tomorrow's opportunities.

Unlike Professional Employer Organizations (PEO's), we do not enter into "joint employment" status with your employees. They remain employed by your company at all times, and you retain full control over all aspects of the employment relationship.

“Of all the decisions an executive makes, none are as important as the decision about people because they ultimately determine the
performance capacity of the organization.” ~ Peter Drucker

 HIPAA Consultation​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

HR Advisory Group Ltd's Medical Compliance Division and leadership team has drawn upon its extensive background in healthcare, law, auditing, compliance, risk management, technology, and human resources to assist Covered Entities of all sizes achieve cost effective HIPAA privacy and security compliance. 

We offer a step by step program to fully equip you with all the knowledge, tools, strategies and systems that are required to achieve and maintain compliance with HHS requirements.

Our consultation begins with a client interview and a preliminary privacy and security assessment to evaluate your existing program.

Depending upon the results of that preliminary assessment, in the majority of cases, a more in depth and formal Privacy and Security Risk Analysis will be required. The Risk Analysis is the critical and foundational, federally mandated first step in the development and maintenance of your HIPAA compliance program, and is a step that many CE's do overlook, which can be both risky and quite costly. HIPAA actually requires a “comprehensive enterprise-wide risk analysis” that looks into all systems that touch protected health information, including billing systems, email and other requirements. This critical step becomes the basis for your HIPAA program to pinpoint your organization's vulnerabilities and deficiencies, from which we develop, in collaboration with you and your team, a targeted and aggressive plan of correction to bring your organization into compliance with the Act.

​Far too many health providers believe that if they honor their obligation of maintaining client confidentiality, they will be HIPAA compliant. In addition, many also believe that if their electronic health record provider promises HIPAA compliance, they will HIPAA compliant. Unfortunately these are commonly held, as well as dangerous myths. The reality is that HIPAA is far more complex than most entities realize, requiring continual efforts to protect patient information. HIPAA has very specific privacy requirements for managing protected health information that reaches far beyond the familiar Notice of Privacy Practices, and HIPAA security regulations also compel providers to consider all electronic (and paper) aspects of their practice.

In collaboration with your team, our professional team of HIPAA experts that is comprised of healthcare compliance, HR, legal advisors, Subject Matter Expert's and technology partners will formulate, design, and execute all of the legal agreements, policies, procedures, training, investigative and breach protocols, HR and technological systems, infrastructure and processes that are required. The connection between HR processes and HIPAA compliance cannot be overemphasized, as many breaches are the result of human error or design. Your employees can be your first line of defense. Selection, screening, onboarding, training, as well as your disciplinary and separation process, are critical steps in the prevention of unlawful disclosures and breaches.

Successful compliance programs are a masterful blend of both art and science, of effective leadership and management, and of integrating both technical elements with the human element. We are experts at achieving just the right balance while working in collaboration with you and your team. Compliance begins with understanding and deep connections with the hearts and minds of people.

More than twenty years have passed since HIPAA was signed into law by President Clinton in 1996, and still many healthcare organizations and professionals are fearful of violations and penalties and are unsure of their responsibilities.

Non-compliance fines can be hefty, and in some cases may even result in criminal penalties and loss of medical licensure, so it is understandable why there is so much apprehension surrounding HIPAA. 

HIPAA rules have brought a much-needed awareness for patient privacy and security, while at the same time, the Act can be hazy and require legal interpretation. 

Maintaining the privacy and security of patient health data is a complex undertaking that involves every employee and business associate of a healthcare organization, every aspect of its IT system, personnel processes, as well as every vendor, partner, and insurer that works with the organization.

Our breadth of knowledge working with and interpreting HIPAA puts us in the unique position of anticipating the needs of the healthcare marketplace, providing innovative solutions, and building critical, lasting relationships.

HR Consultation

HR is a rapidly changing discipline with the bar for success being constantly raised. HR professionals today must become proficient in data and analytics to function in a changing world. They must now function as full strategic business partners with the C-Suite, leaving less time available for many of the administrative and other tasks of yesterday. This is not the HR of the past; this is why it can be a strategic and advantageous move to outsource certain HR functions. 

It can be extremely difficult for a small HR department to handle all the complexities and regulations in the various disciplines that comprise HR today. With HR Advisory Group Ltd as your strategic business parnter you may rest assured as we have experts in all areas of HR, including law, compliance, policy, investigations, strategy, performance management, discipline, terminations, benefits, compensation, training, recruitment, assessment, onboarding, engagement, retention, and succession planning.

Without proper and extremely knowledgable advisors in any of these complex areas a company can find themselves in serious difficulties or in court. 

Having managers and leaders who are not properly prepared and trained to handle the inevitable and increasingly complex employee relations or regulatory compliance issues can be very risky, and extremely costly for an organization.  

Companies worldwide now rely heavily on consultants for a variety of reasons. Our HR Consultants are experts and capable of handling all of your employment related challenges, including:​​​​​​​​
  • ​​HR Strategic Planning
  • ​HR Transformation
  • Compliance
  • Policy Development
  • Complaints and Investigations
  • Discipline and Terminations
  • OD / Change Management
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Interviewing
  • Assessment
  • Hiring
  • Retention
  • Succession Planning 
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • HRIS
  • Employee Relations
  • Performance Management

Professional Development

Successful organizations can only be sustained by successful individuals and teams. Leadership is the cornerstone of a high performing business. 
Competitive advantage is realized when executives align company brand identity with leadership brand, employer brand, and a high performing culture. Aligning these elements is critical to sustainable business performance and growth.

An investment in your most valuable resource, your people, the leaders of tomorrow, is a wise investment in your company's future.
We offer a variety of training programs developed and presented by leading professional speakers and trainers.

For clients seeking more customized solutions—whether to address very specific needs or to ensure integration with larger organizational development goals—we can custom design a training program to meet your needs. Our founder and consultants have extensive experience working with human resources and organizational development with both targeted and large-scale development initiatives.